What We Offer

  • Accessible service concept -unlike large and cumbersome others
  • Quick and correct answers to the questions
  • Flexible and adaptable, constantly updated product range
  • Fair and honest prices
  • World-wide product supply
  • Mutual beneficial business sense
  • Open-minded and solution-seeking approach to customer needs

Who We Work With

Specifo, works with a variety of businesses and showrooms; and collaborates with interior designers and architects. Collaborations are at the heart of the way we do business. By establishing long-term relationships, we can benefit our customers individually and institutionally.
We know why customers can request our services and how we can meet these demands. We see the shortcomings in the market and know what we can offer. We know how true knowledge and strong client relationships are important. At Specifo, to be a trusted partner is a core value for the business, rather than considering ourselves just as a supplier.