Our vision has always been to create beautifully bespoke, handmade towel warmers, made right here in England. With quality at the forefront of our focus, our skilled craftsmen work hard to ensure every rail is held to the same exceptional standard.
Each product range has something unique in its makeup, from the integral, invisible valves in the D-Rail to the Baronial’s huge ball joints, this dedication to design and innovation is something you will not find anywhere else in the world.
We exclusively use silver solder, which provides cleaner stronger joints, as well as a variety of twelve stunning finishes, ranging from Polished Copper to Oil Rubbed Bronze, every finish capturing a different feel entirely.
Whilst travelling around the heartland of British Manufacturing, we came across John and Jeremy Bosworth.
The Bosworths’ are two highly capable and enthusiastic gentlemen, who worked in their factory in Birmingham making towel warmers by hand. Naturally, we were attracted to the energy, the pride and that hidden feeling of being a monument to all that is good in manufacturing. After a few cups of tea and some wonderful cucumber sandwiches, we were the proud owners of this Edwardian establishment and something that incorporated attributes of all that was and is still good in Britain.
Now trade has become easier, you may order products from overseas expecting them to arrive the next day. We, however, are on a separate mission of keeping our crafts, on these shores, alive. Walking through one end of the factory, chatting to our team and then seeing our hand-made finished products at the other end, is something that will never tire.