Passionate about washstands
Since 1896, we have been manufacturing washbasins and washstands made from glazed steel with the highest demands on material, form and function. In our manufactory, we create products which meet the fundamental needs for cleaning and aesthetics in equal measure and which blend into differing living environments. For more than 120 years, glazed steel has thereby not only simply been a material but also the strongest source of inspiration. Working with the composite material comprised of titanium steel and enamel glaze spurs us on to achieve maximum creative performance. Masterful craftsmanship, made in Germany.
Alape & Dornbracht
Pooling competence
Alape is a subsidiary of the Dornbracht company. Headquartered in Iserlohn, Dornbracht is a leading supplier of high-quality designer fittings and accessories for the bathroom, spa and kitchen. The company was founded in 1950 and today is internationally active with its product portfolio in more than 125 markets. As a premium brand, Dornbracht stands for innovative technology “made in Germany” and high quality standards at manufacturing level.
Sense of responsibility
The careful handling of our planet and its resources is a fundamental attitude which is deeply rooted in our company. We act responsibly in all phases of the product life cycle, from the selection of raw materials, through manufacturing, and on to recycling: glazed steel is our ambassador for sustainability. As one of the oldest recycled materials whatsoever, steel contributes towards the conservation of resources. Our products are comprised of titanium-containing, low-carbon special steel, which is available in large quantities, just like the minerals extracted from the earth’s crust which we use for our glazes. Alape products are as free from harmful substances as the enamelled-steel bowls or pots which entire generations have been using for cooking since the 19th century.