You voted, we listened – on Instagram, our followers have voted on a new material concept for CYO. In a short quiz, they could choose different materials and textiles that they want to see combined with the newly introduced fitting. The selection shows a clear line: With surfaces ranging from smooth to textured, the concept our followers have put together offers exciting tactile moments inspired by nature. A muted color scheme with neutral tones and a hint of green creates an atmosphere of calm, harmony and regeneration. CYO in Dark Platinum matte underlines the archaic appeal of this biophilic bathroom.


Biophilic design describes our human need for contact with nature. By consciously integrating nature into our interior space or architectural design, we unconsciously connect with it and bring it into our constructed world. From green glass to cozy carpets to white marble – the chosen materials perfectly fit this design approach.

Glass is fully recyclable, and there is practically no limit to how often it can be recycled. As such, this material contributes to greater sustainability in architecture. This iridescent green variant is particularly intricate and evokes associations with a spring. Due to its transparency, the colored glass is particularly suitable for creating or emphasizing flowing transitions within architecture, or for blurring its boundaries.


Harmony and comfort with cozy bathroom carpets


Textiles bring comfort and enhanced haptic quality to the bathroom. The bathroom is a place where you can feel good in your own body. A pleasant living atmosphere that supports this goal can be significantly influenced by a bathroom carpet. A carpet in a monochrome color ensures a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere – modern yet reserved.


Dark Platinum matte for stylistic versatility

The dark, brushed finish Dark Platinum matte, reflected in the CYO series, is characterized by extraordinary stylistic versatility. In the context of this material concept, it picks up the color scheme perfectly and adapts to it. The finish represents an earthy complement to natural colors, materials and structures. The unmistakable faceting of the surface is created by a special treatment and ultra-thin vapor deposition of the coating using the PVD process. This makes the finish extremely durable.

Highlights with elegant white marble


The Bianco Carrara C has thin veins and small marks in a range of grey to black shades staggering the milk white background. Prized since ancient times for its greyish hues and used by Renaissance masters, its history speaks for itself. Its transformative power brings out the best in rooms, complimenting and adding to sophistication.